There are Doors.

Historia : Mélusine. Strassburg: Johann Prüss, 1478
Susan Coolidge, A Little Country Girl (1885). ‘Candace settled herself for a long, comfortable reading before breakfast’.
Edouard Laboulaye, Fairy Tales (1909) Illustrations by Arthur A. Dixon
Edouard Laboulaye, Fairy Tales (1909) Illustrations by Arthur A. Dixon
Edouard Laboulaye, Laboulaye’s Fairy Tales
Ludvig Holberg, Nicolai Klimii Iter svbterranevm : novam telluris theoriam ac historiam quintae monarchiae adhuc nobis incognitae exhibens / e bibliotheca B. Abelini (1754)
Herbarum imagines uiuae = Der kreuter lebliche Conterfeytunge. Frankfurt: Egenolph, 1536
Petrus Apianus, Astronomicum Caesareum (1540)
Petrus Apianus, Astronomicum Caesareum (1540)
Johann von Schwarzenburg, Bambergische Peinliche Halßgerichtßordnung (1580)
Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Estampes et photographie’.  M.elle Vainqueur, coefures à la St Vincent’ (1779).  The taking of Saint Vincent 16-18 June 1779.
A.M. Lockyer, What became of them? ([between 1883 and 1888?])

Sebastian Brant and Jacob Wimpfeling, Hortulus animae, Argentine, 1503


Detail of Matthias Gerung, ‘Life of the Antichrist’  (c.1544-1558)
"The baptism of the Antichrist; the Antichrist wearing a papal tiara, surrounded by a group of devils dressed as monks and nuns. With grotesque ornamental border and two cartouches with letterpress title and verse. Woodcut and letterpress.
Attributed to Leonhard Beck.  1523-1542.  “A hermit and an ass spinning wool; the hermit on the left carrying a basket in which a woman is standing, the ass to the right with a fool’s cap around his neck. Between them the spinning wheel on which an owl is sitting, more birds flying above. Woodcut”